Our Team


James Klemick – Owner

Coalition Nutrition is founded by James Klemick. James is a graduate of Penn State University – main campus. James fell in love with fitness at a young age and started mastering strength programming as he became more involved with the PSU Powerlifting Team. He ended up taking over that team as coach and Vice President. His very first meet ever he qualified for Collegiate Nationals, raw. His third meet he became collegiate-ranked 9th in his 198 weight class. The following year he finished 2nd with a 676lb squat/475lb bench press/ and 563lb deadlift.

James transformed his leadership role to the fitness industry when he started guiding friends to success through proper diet, training, and supplementation. James has built a following for transparency within the fitness & supplement industry and people come to him when they want proper guidance with a no BS approach. Still to this day – James spends time writing programs for his customers and guiding them on strength training.

You can find James on Instagram @jamesklemick


Ben Keller – Operations Manager

Ben was the first employee at Coalition Nutrition. Ben earned his Bachelor’s degree from Kutztown University for Social Work. After a couple years in that field and being a customer of the store since inception, he decided to take the position as Penndel Store Manager. Ben is a fitness hobbyist that could easily both step on stage, and compete in powerlifting with very little work. In his home area, many people look up to Ben for his fitness knowledge and athletic ability. Ben has evolved into the Operations Manager for Coalition Nutrition which is his current role with Coalition Nutrition.

Ben knows what it takes to succeed with fitness goals and he provides tremendous amounts of support both in the store and outside of the store to our Coalition customers.  Follow Ben on Instagram @Ben_Keller