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Project AD Heart Plus

Project AD Heart Plus

There’s all the supplements in the world out there to help you get jacked, shred down, and wired up but very few of those are helping out with what’s going on inside of you – That’s where Project AD Heart Plus comes in. A balanced diet and vitamins make up for deficiencies but sometimes more is necessary. Heart Plus is one of the few supplements out there that specifically and adequately targets heart health and function. Let’s see what makes this product worthwhile:

Vitamins D-3, K-2, B-3, and B-6 as well as calcium, magnesium, and zinc Project AD Heart Plus

Benolea Olive Extract – help combat high blood pressure and diabetes

Curcumin C3 Complex- anti inflammatory, reduces lipid and plaque levels in arteries

Hawthorn Berry Extract – used for heart disease, treats both high and low blood pressure

Guggul Lipid Extract – used for arthritis and lowering cholesterol

Hibiscus Flower Extract- supports respiratory health, promote circulation

Ubiquinol – Reduced form of CoQ10, making it stronger and more bio-available

Bioperine – Helps increase the bio-availability of these compounds

As with all of their products, Project AD uses trademarked compounds for it’s main ingredients so there’s no outsourcing of cheap compounds taking place. We’ve received some feedback from customers stating that you can actually feel the effects of the product taking place over time as general health and well being increased. This product is for anyone and everyone that is concerned about the big picture in their fitness journey. You can purchase Heart Plus in store or over the phone!