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We embrace the long shot. We hail the dark horse. We emerged from humble beginnings. And no matter what path we take, we will never bow down, give in or sell out. We will not comply with the corporate philosophy. We will defy it. Because we exist to supply your demands by bringing you the most advanced performance supplements on the market. And to do that, we have to operate under a different set of rules – our rules. Everything we do, from quality control to product development, we do it in-house. We don’t cut corners. We don’t use fillers. And you’ll never see our bottle on the shelf of any retail chains.

We’re made for those who know better. Who work for everything they get. For those who write their own future. In the gym and in life. We are committed to the underdog because we see ourselves in them. The same relentless determination courses through our veins. And we believe yesterday’s underdog will be tomorrow’s victor.